Full coverage of Goias vs Atletico Goianiense game on Saturday 27th of August at 19:30 including match guide, data analysis, probability analysis, standings, previous meetings and form guide. – Sports Mole

Our analysis of all available data, including recent performances and player stats up until an hour before kickoff, suggested the most likely outcome of this match was a Goias win with a probability of 49.55%. A draw had a probability of 27.2% and a win for Atletico Goianiense had a probability of 23.24%.
The most likely scoreline for a Goias win was 1-0 with a probability of 14.42%. The next most likely scorelines for that outcome were 2-0 (10.15%) and 2-1 (8.84%). The likeliest drawn scoreline was 1-1 (12.55%), while for an Atletico Goianiense win it was 0-1 (8.91%). The actual scoreline of 2-1 was predicted with an 8.8% likelihood. Our data analysis correctly predicted that Goias would win this match.</


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