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While The Walking Dead’s current season will be the show’s last, with the final episodes premiering on October 2nd, AMC has plans to expand its zombie universe with several spin-off projects. One of the projects is the upcoming Maggie-Negan spin-off called The Walking Dead: Dead City, where it was recently renamed the Isle of the Dead. As per ComicBook, a recent Twitter post from TVObsessed first brought us Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan from the upcoming series which is slated to release sometime next year, 2023.
A first look at Maggie and Negan from #TWDDeadCity has been released!!!!#DeadCity #TheWalkingDead
— TVObsessed (@TVObsessed59) September 29, 2022
The Walking Dead: Dead City will join Negan and Maggie as they head to post-apocalyptic Manhattan, which has long been isolated from the mainland. The crumbling city is overrun by the dead and inhabitants who have turned New York City into their own world full of anarchy, danger, beauty and terror. The series will debut with six episodes.
Dead City was officially announced in March 2022, but under the title of Isle of the Dead. Eli Jorné, who is the writer and co-executive producer of The Walking Dead, will serve as showrunner for the upcoming series, which The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple will oversee. The cool thing is that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan will also be serving as executive producers.
The Walking Dead premiered on October 31, 2010, where its first season also consisted of six episodes. The series that became very popular worldwide is now in its 11th and final season, which AMC has divided into three distinct parts. We’re guessing the final episodes will be able to explain how and why the characters played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan end up in New York City.
While Morgan didn’t appear as Negan on the show until around season six, Lauren Cohan has been part of the pack as Maggie Rhee since the show’s second season. The character Maggie was surviving on a family farm with her father Herschel and sister Beth, while keeping a brutal secret in the barn. From his entry into the group, his relationship with Glenn began to forge, and of course, ended up having a sad fate that everyone must already know, Glenn was brutally murdered by Negan later in the series, leaving his fans shocked and very excited. angry too.
It may be that the series has ‘finally’ come to an end after twelve successful years on the air, but AMC isn’t ready yet to say goodbye to one of its most lucrative authorships. In addition to the upcoming spin-off series starring Negan and Maggie, the network has two additional spin-offs in the works as well.

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