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Founded in 2007, Brazilian telematics company GolFleet, formerly known as Golsat, is highly focused on light vehicle fleet management and serving the evolving needs of the market today.
According to CEO Ricard Imperatriz, having a team that is passionate about what they do is one of the keys to success, regardless of the country you are in. And considering that GolFleet already has experience in a country as large and continental as Brazil, expansion abroad is not out of mind. 
Read further to get insight on GolFleet operations and a sneak-peek on the things to come. 
Regarding the company name, it has gone from GolSat to GolFleet, right?  What is the difference between the two?  
Imperatriz: Well, with more than 500,000 hours of development, our software is called GolFleet and this has been the name that our customers have come to recognize over the years. 
In early 2022, we ended up modifying part of the company name and today, we made the full transition to GolFleet. This is all the better to celebrate our 15th anniversary this year [2022]. 
What services does GolFleet offer? 
Imperatriz: GolFleet is a technology company with a full range of telemetry services or to say telematics focused on fleet management. We offer asset tracking, connectivity services, and maintenance facilities, which are all tied in with the Golfleet software platform to maintain user support. 
After years of continuous fleet management learnings, GolFleet is now an innovation platform which can receive new functionalities in an assertive and coherent way. Keep in mind that the needs of our clients are always evolving. 
It’s as if the software is made up of Lego bricks, and we can put them together to create new applications whenever needed. Although our service can be used to fulfill many needs, Driver Safety and Intelligent Savings are the main uses these days.

GolFleet trip analysis dashboard (courtesy of GolFleet)

What is Golfleet’s coverage area and is regional or international expansion on your mind?
Imperatriz: GolFleet has more than 1,200 customers with 60,000 active vehicles in Brazil. We are present in all 27 states and are supported by more than 250 technical assistance facilities.
And as we invest heavily in the continuous development of our fleet management software, we are seeing that many companies from other countries are interested in our technology – mainly South America, Europe, and the United States – so expansion could occur in the coming years.
Keep in mind that Brazil is a complex and continental country with a corporate fleet of more than 8 million vehicles. Those who develop well here in Brazil can succeed anywhere in the world.
What are the most important milestones of the company? 
Imperatriz: We have achieved a balance between innovation and a team that is passionate about what they do. We are a company made up of Technology, PEOPLE and Purpose. I describe PEOPLE in the center as everything is done by PEOPLE. 
Any company that has a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do and have a great purpose, will be able to innovate and remain perennial in the market. 
How is 5G infrastructure in Brazil, and how will this technology change GolFleet product offerings in the future? 
Imperatriz: 5G is already starting in Brazil, and we are already seeing excellent applications related to fleet and safety, especially by way of video telematics. 
Back in 2017 when GolFleet started working with vehicular cameras, the restricted connectivity in Brazil forced us to create lean solutions to enable photos, videos, and facial recognition of drivers in our operations. 
Now with 5G, we will be able to combine low-cost equipment with high added value artificial intelligence algorithms, process information more cheaply on the server, and offer our products on a larger scale. Our goal is to give fleet managers cutting-edge tools that help them with their missions, especial the imperative one of taking care of lives.

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