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Very heavy rainfall has affected several states in south-eastern Brazil since late November 2022. Two people have died and 30 are thought to be missing after a massive landslide buried a highway in Paranà state.
The neighbouring state of Santa Catarina has declared a state of emergency after more than 1,000 people were displaced by floods and landslides following days of heavy rain. Two people have died and 1 was reported missing.
At least 2 people died and 30 are still missing after after heavy rainfall triggered a landslide on the BR-367 highway near Guaratuba in Paranà State on 28 November 2022. Around 21 vehicles were buried under the debris. Six people have been rescued alive.
Search and rescue operations are continuing and rescue teams are using search dogs and drones with thermal cameras to locate possible survivors. Poor weather conditions and the remote location have complicated search efforts. As of 01 December, teams working at the site had removed 7,000 cubic metres of mud and debris.
Heavy rain has affected several municipalities in the state in recent days, causing floods and landslides in Antonina, Araucária, Campina Grande do Sul, Campo Largo, Curitiba, Guaraqueçaba, Guaratuba, Itaperuçu, Morretes, Piraquara, Quatro Barras and São José dos Pinhais. The State Government declared an emergency situation in the eastern region of Paraná on 29 November.
Civil Protection report that 4,210 people have been affected and 1,152 displaced. At least 647 houses have been damaged. One house was destroyed in Antonina.
Ongoing heavy rains have caused flooding and landslides in Santa Catarina. The state government declared a state of emergency on 01 December 2022 and reported at least 2 fatalities.
Affected cities and municipalities include Araquari, Joinville, São Bento do Sul, Luiz Alves, Corupá, Guaramirim, Rio dos Cedros, Campo Alegre, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Benedito Novo, Palhoça, Rancho Queimado, São José, Águas Mornas, Antônio Carlos, Armazém and Anitápolis.
Across the state a total of 1,077 people have been displaced including 688 in Joinville and 220 in São Bento do Sul, as of 01 December.
State fire department (Corpo de Bombeiros Militar de Santa Catarina) said they used helicopters to rescue victims trapped in flood waters in Sao Pedro de Alcantara.
Civil Defence reported that areas in the municipalities of São João Batista and Santo Amaro da Imperatriz in Greater Florianópolis are completely isolated. Access is only possible by boat or aircraft. Late on 01 December private helicopters provided support to operations in the region. A firefighter was reported missing in Navegantes, following flooding along the Itajaí-Açu River.

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