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Updated: November 15, 2022 @ 9:01 am
The Lebanon boys and girls cross country teams both won the Sagamore Conference titles this fall.
The Lebanon girls golf team poses at the scoreboard after winning the Sagamore Conference title.

The Lebanon boys and girls cross country teams both won the Sagamore Conference titles this fall.
The Lebanon girls golf team poses at the scoreboard after winning the Sagamore Conference title.
The Lebanon Athletic Department hosted their 2022 Fall Sports Awards Ceremony on Monday.
The following athletes were recognized:
Most Valuable – Dilynn Shockley; Most Improved – Naida Keene; Sportsmanship – Aaliyah Thatcher; Scholar Athlete – Shelby Dimiceli.
3.3 (B+)Scholar Athlete: Shelby Dimicelli, Chloe Maciel, Nadia Keene, Josie Pratt, Emma Bailey, Lilliana Gonzalez, Aaliyah Thatcher, Lily Gierden, Jennifer Ricci, Brilynn Cox, Tamya Banks, Dilynn Shockley, Ava Farris, Kinzli Gould, Kaitlyn Smith, Alayna Long.
Most Improved – Abram Hale; Most Valuable Runner – Aiden Frost; A.J. Reagan Sportsmanship – Dylan Krehely; Scholar Athlete – Alex Emenhiser.
3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Landon Gonzalez, Alexander Emenhiser, Samuel Piper, Aiden Frost, John Hawks, Brynner Sloan, Dylan Krehely, Kyler Strange, Carter Hammons, Jared Walton, Aydan Wetter, Caleb Newsom, Jordan Yoder, Eli Taylor, Levi Pittman, Jacob Susong
Academic All-State: Alex Emenhiser, Aiden Frost
Most Improved – Sarah Keith; Most Valuable Runner – Penny Lamerson; Megan Hammerle Sportsmanship – Jaleigha Howard; Scholar Athlete – Sarah Keith & Kloe Coyle
3.3 (B+)Scholar Athlete: Sarah Keith, Kloe Coyle, Gracie Stoller, Abigail Guilliams, Jaleigha Howard, Marabeth Burgin, Penny Lamerson, Nadia Jones
Academic All-State: Honorable Mention IATCCC– Kloe Coyle.
Offensive MVP – Carson Toole; Defensive MVP – Makai Smith; Special Team MVP– Kaden Lark; Most Improved Athlete – Nabih Soumah; Terry Weeks Outstanding Sophomore Football Player Award – Kaden Lark; Chris Watson Sportsmanship Award – Nabih Soumah; Scholar Athlete – Daniel Frost & Nabih Soumah.
3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Daniel Frost, Nabih Soumah, Nikolas Trepcos, Jacob Windhorst, Ty Reagan, Samuel Hornbecker, Joshua Parks, Carson Toole, Jack Howard, Sam Kyker, Landon Fouts, Cade Spanhook, Luke Dunshee, Arsene Mpanda, Mason Crew, Trevon Bell, Anthony McClain, Alejandro Lopez, Jacob Burns, Jarod Pollock, Taig Williamson, Brendan Shockley, Jacob Jones, EliBridges, Jeffrey Serrano, Cayden Gates, Jackson Kadel, Archer Clevenger.
Most Improved – Alathea Wilson; Most Valuable Player – Audrey Patterson; Ulen Country Club Sportsmanship Award – Alathea Wilson & Kora Patrick; Scholar Athlete – Emma Hornbecker.
3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Emma Hornbecker, Audrey Patterson, Anna Robbins, Alathea Wilson, Avery Blount, Nora Gallman, Kathryn Williams, Masin Cassis, Mary Mitchell, Lucie Cassis, Breanna Morrow, Kora Patrick.
Academic All-State: Anna Robbins.
Top Scorer – Addison Lollar; Top Defender – Ciarra Hiatt; Most Improved Player – Brennan Cox; Most Valuable Player – Addison Lollar; Mental Attitude Award – MJ Platt; Scholar Athlete – Ava Lehmkuhler.
3.3 (B+)Scholar Athlete: Ava Lehmkuhler, Emma Waskom, Breanna Stratton, Addison Lollar, Brennan Cox, GraceAnne Newman, Sophie Neihart, Karlee Roberts, Aiyanna Bailey, Ciarra Hiatt, Caroline Burkeybyle, Madison Platt, Ava Thieke, Addison Cook, Maiya Newsom, Isabella Romero, Melanie Oakes.
Academic All-State Honors: (3.7 GPA or Higher–Jr/Sr): Addison Lollar, Emma Waskom, Ava Lehmkuhler.
Most Valuable Player – Treyton Achor; Most Improved Player – Wyatt Boyett; Mental Attitude Award – Kaden Burress; Top Scorer – Altin Emerllahu; Top Defender – Evan Wright; Scholar Athlete – Evan Wright.
3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Evan Wright, Max Campbell, Kaden Burress, Taylor O’Brien, Jeremy Mullins, Aroni Hernandez, Kendrick Welty, Quintin Isenhower, Luis Chavez, Davohn Ziesmer, Daniel Richards, Garren Stokes, Treyton Achor, Wyatt Boyett, Ylljon Emerllahu, Christopher Green, Alejandro Bernal-Santos, Logan Huntsman, Joel Acton, Grant Krulik, Bryson Achor, Braden Newsom, Alec Sell, Eli Young.
Academic All-State Honors: Kaden Burress, Jeremy Mullins, Quintin Isenhower, Evan Wright, Max Campbell.
Most Improved Player – Danil Krulik; Most Valuable Player – John Gascho; Sportsmanship – Owen Bigler; Scholar Athlete – David Garcia.
3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Drew Reeves, David Garcia, Jackson Ferrell, Thomas Devlin, John Gascho, Joel Salinas, William Meyer, Parker Lawson, Jakob Gulley, Joseph Susong, Owen Kincade, Danil Krulik, Owen Bigler, Ian Kincade, Aiden Sell, Steven Barber, Mathias Baldwin.
Outstanding Offensive Player – Grace Braner; Outstanding Defensive Player – Kylie Ottinger; Most Improved Player – Bethany DeGraw; Most Valuable Player – Sydnie Starkey; Sportsmanship – Audrey Butler; Scholar Athlete – Gabby Deakins.
3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Gabrielle Deakins, Alexandria Barr, Sydney Nance, Grace Braner, Charli Albea, Kylie Ottinger, Ava Susong, Emily Sperry, Sophie Robison, Grace Tiefel, Sofia Andrews, Audrey Butler, Callie Bruder, Marina Barr, Madalynn Welty, Carley Adams, Haylee Holloman, Grace-Ann Merchant, Leila Richards, Miley Wilhoite, Bethany DeGraw, Allison Albea, Averie Lollar, Sydnie Starkey.
Academic All-State Honors: Grace Braner, Kylie Ottinger, Bethany DeGraw, Lexi Barr, Charli Albea, Sydney Nance, Grace-Ann Merchant.
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