Youth Sports Oct. 12, 2022 – Coeur d'Alene Press

Courtesy photo The 12U North Idaho Sharks went undefeated last weekend to win the Lewiston Invitational baseball tournament. In the front row from left are players Jack Kreis, Kovack Dolan, Nash Russell, Bryce Petrella, Clay Larwin, Rixton Bateman, Caleb Brumbach, Trent Liliquist, JJ Larwin and Kyle Everson; and back row from left, coaches Jeff Kreis, Jon Larson, Dave Everson and Todd Bateman.
Photo by BUSCEMA PHOTOGRAPHY Tucker Booth (8) of the Coeur d’Alene High junior varsity football team catches a touchdown pass in the Vikings’ 44-0 win last Thursday at the Lake City JV. The Coeur d’Alene JV plays host to the Post Falls JV on Thursday at 6 p.m.
Courtesy photo Rosy Gallegos of the Sunset Bowling Lanes youth league was awarded the high average girl for the U10 division for last season for the state of Idaho. Her average was 122.
Flag football
Oct. 6
At The Fields at Real Life
5th/6th Grade Divsion
Game 1
Vipers – 20
Fireballs – 6
Touchdowns- Caleb Brumbach, Jake Davis
Flag Pulls – Truett Toews, Brock Pelphrey, Porter Berend, Ben Smith, Caleb Brumbach, Jake Davis, Lincoln Hoy, Brayden DeBooy
Touchdowns – Easton Annotti
Flag Pulls – Bentley Bartle, Alex Gouin, Caleb Whalen, Jacob Palmer, Reed Dickson, Reise Reardon, Eli Whiteman
Game 2
Wheels – 34
Panthers – 0
Touchdowns – Pepper Paisley, Fletcher Tandy, Luke Rasmussen, Ilijah Mauch
Flag Pulls – John Neff, Xzavier Rakell, Fletcher Tandy, Lukas Hodges, Palmer Murphy, Parker Dougherty
Flag Pulls – Seth Monje, Cooper Oswald, Caleb Davis, Cole Hancock, Ryder VanValin
Game 3
Bengals – 12
Titans – 50
Touchdowns – Gabe Carlino, Braxton Fisher
Flag Pulls – Brayden Leslie, Gabe Carlino, Braxton Fisher, Cade Chambers, Emmett Longtain, Jacoby Longtain, Dexter Berdan
Touchdowns – Cooper Olson, Hudson Sanders, Porter VanValin, Trey Love, Keaton Hurst, Trey Gosney, Carter Blake
Flag Pulls – Cooper Olson, Hudson Sanders, Trey Love, Dylan Baune, Griffin Redmond, Keaton Hurst, Sean Wilken, Trey Gosney, Carter Blake, Talon Mendez
3rd/4th Grade Division
Game 1
Ravens – 30
Cobras – 14
Touchdowns – Grady Forkner, Alexander Menenhall, Jas VanValin
Flag Pulls – Grady Forkner, Brody Paragmian, Eli Love, Jase VanValin, Lincoln Gorham, Torin Chesnut, Rhys Erlandson
Touchdowns – Lawson Roberg
Flag Pulls – Collin Bourassa, Brady Gallagher, Evan Johnson, Lawson Roberg, Parker Franklin, Boston Walther, Parker Stone
Game 2
Spartans – 28
Thunder Pickles – 34
Touchdowns – Chase Davis, Cooper Bisson, Tommy Cooper
Flag Pulls – Harley Bartle, Chase Davis, Griffin Higgins, Roy Gallus, Tommy Cooper, Bennett DeBooy
Thunder Pickles
Touchdowns – Levi Anderson, Michael McLaren, Beck Odenthal, Cameron Tosi
Flag Pulls – Michael McLaren, Isaac Putman, Beck Odenthal, Cameron Tosi, Layne Brewer
Game 3
Lights Out – 24
Warriors – 12
Lights Out
Touchdowns – Jimmy Greene, Aure Brennan, Brody Brennan, Mac Roberts
Flag Pulls – Jimmy Greene, Brody Brennan, Brody Cantrell, Jacob Priddy, Mac Roberts, Camden Nelson
Touchdowns – Kamden Vick, Kellen Dyk
Flag Pulls – Lennon Lewis, Teagen Campbell-Watts, Caleb Hughes, Kamden Vick
Game 4
Raging Spirit – 16
Bulls – 8
Raging Spirit
Touchdowns – Carson Chambers, Jaden Hoffman
Flag Pulls – Isaac Pelphrey, Phoenix Stachurski, Hudson Sozzoni, Jaden Hoffman, Ryker WIllis, Maverick FIsher
Touchdowns – Zade Fawley
Flag Pulls – Declan Gernns , Luke Russell, Kase Chathams, Max Spencer, Daniel Russell, Zade Fawley, Luke Nicholson
Oct. 8
1st and 2nd grade division
Game One
Seahawks – 8
Gray Buccaneers – 18
Touchdowns – Maverick Bartle
Gray Buccaneers
Touchdowns – Cassius Nunamaker
Game Two
Tigers – 20
Blue Buccaneers – 6
Touchdowns – Bodie Stanley, Landry Roberg
Flag Pulls – Kade Alvarado, Bodie Stanley, Kamran Rosenberger, Landry Roberg, Mason Gallagher, Owen McLeod, Grayson Sifford
Blue Buccaneers
Touchdowns – Nash Lyden
Flag Pulls – Temple Toews, Nicolas Edgar, Titus Kacalek, Everett Talbot, Nash Lyden, Trey Hutchison
Game Three
Lightening Tigers – 26
Vikings – 6
Lightening Tigers
Touchdowns – Jace Eachon, Hugh Erickson
Flag Pulls – Gunnar Pursley, Jace Moser, Jace Eachon, Cole Luzzo, Rowdy Gatten
Touchdowns – Gage Degel
Flag Pulls – Cooper Faust, Daniel Pantoja, Jameson Beierle, Boone Eberlin, Cole Mayfield, Gage Degel, Hunter Farrar
Game Four
Gray Guardians – 7
Cougars – 34
Gray Guardians
Touchdowns – Cole Moglia
Flag Pulls – Cole Moglia, COoper Norris, Soren Dahl, JonBlair Garibay
Touchdowns – Curran Oswald, Jaxsen Ontiveros, Jordan Ontiveros, Kyler Nelson, Lucas Shamion
Flag Pulls – Curran Oswald, Easton Nichols, Jaxsen Ontiveros, Kyler Nelson, Lucas Shamion
Oct. 8
At The Fields at Real Life
1/2nd Grade Division
Game 1
Orange Crush – 3
Soccer Sharks – 2
Orange Crush
Goals – Clayton Durfey, Brandon Bourassa
Soccer Sharks
Goals – Blaire Warren
Game 2
Grey Wolves – 2
Purple Pirates – 3
Grey Wolves
Goals – Zander Kortekaas, Sydney Dunlap
Purple Pirates
Goals – Harrison Hofman, Cruz Guzman
Game 3
Red Lava Dragons – 1
Karate Kickers – 2
Red Lava Dragons
Goals – Madison Bailey
Karate Kickers
Goals – Brody Brulotte, Memphis Tate
Game 4
Electric Stingrays – 4
Purple Kickers – 1
Electric Stingrays
Goals – Branson Howard, Casen McBroom, Jace Moser
Purple Kickers
Goals – Hugh Erickson
Game 5
Blue Cheetahs – 11
Green Dragons – 2
Blue Cheetahs
Goals – Henry Hermance, Jameson Beierle, Karter Berg
Green Dragons
Goals – Matt Shandy
3/4th Grade Division
Game 1
Gray Ghosts – 1
The Alligators – 2
Gray Ghosts
Goals – Caleb Larson
The Alligators
Goals – Noah Nichols, Ryan Clever
Game 2
Blue Flames – 0
Idaho Ravens – 2
Idaho Ravens
Goals – Brenden Whitney, Daniel Rhee
Game 3
Thunder – 4
Gray Knights – 7
Goals – Keegan Michael, Ryder Iversen, Torin Chesnut
Gray Knights
Goals – Grayson Mueller, Levi Morrett, Preston Grieser
5th/6th Grade Division
Game 1
Vipers – 2
Bayern Munich – 4
Goals – Dylan Baune, Caiden Nagrone
Bayern Munich
Goals – Naomi Singleton, Lincoln Holding
Game 2
Orange Chicken – 5
Apex – 1
Orange Chicken
Goals – Jax Molenaar, Peter Ratcliffe, Reise Reardon, Michael Lee
Goals – Owen Sheppard
At The Courts at Real Life
3rd/4th Grade

Match 1
The Champions – 1 set
Pumpkin Spice – 2 sets
The Champions
Aces – Finley Covey, Maddie Drake, Olivia Fouche’, Lily Ratcliffe, Rylie Strange, Layla Woolman
Pumpkin Spice
Aces – Peyton Brulotte, Sophia Missler, Emma Mitchell, Amelia Preiss, Paisley Roberts, Addison Salas, Liliana Whitham
Match 2
Fire Blazers – 3 sets
The Royals – 0 sets
Fire Blazers
Aces – Andi Barnhouse, Elise Burnett, Audrey Davis, Finley Hill, Amelia Lewis, Peyton Mee, Lucy Meredith, Tenley Molitor, Claire Quimby, Isla Sears, Emery Talbot
The Royals
Aces – Khloe Agueros, Farryn Dahl, Ava Duran, Pennelope Mueller, Parker Racey, Piper Thomas, Fiona White, Iylee Wise
Match 3
Timberwolves – 1 set
Thunder Sisters – 2 sets
Aces – Ellie Batchelder, Selah Batchelder, Kopelyn Olson, Ashley Saint, Ariah Wilder
Thunder Sisters
Aces – Jerzey Duarte, Abby Grady, Audrey Hotaling, Brielle Lettau, Autumn Schwam, Keziah Solwisch, Harper Trahanes, Landry Williams
5th/6th Grade Division
Match 1
Lucky Ladies – 2 sets
Barracudas – 1 set
Lucky Ladies
Aces – Ella Divine, Macy Fagan, Bella
Aces – Olivia Harty, Emmalyn LaPierre, Elle Sears, Kennedy Short
Match 2
The Raging Plums – 0 sets
Purple Pebbles – 3 sets
Match 3
Empire Spikes Back – 3 sets
Spicy Pumpkins – 0 sets
Empire Spikes Back
Aces – Stella Cleave, Tatum Close, Ella Cook, Mila McKee, Angeley Shields, Tansy Wellsandt
Spicy Pumpkins
Aces – Adeleine Kain, Olivia Lempesis, Adriana Morris-Ely
Flag football
Wild West Log Furniture 19 – Drechsel Brothers 12
Wild West – Easton Moore 2 TD. Bridger Landers 1 TD..
Dreschsel Bros – Kelton Crowley 2 TDs.
Lifestyle Physical Therapy 13 – Lake City Auto Care 0
Lifestyle – Isaiah Luster 1 TD. Mason Hagerstrand 1 TD. Devin Jaramillo 1 Extra point.
Drechsel Brothers Farms 12 – Yochums Landscaping 12.
Drechsel – Kelton Crowley 1 TD. Jackson Peterson 1 TD.
Yochums – Chase Wedekind 1 TD and Barrington Mercado 1 TD.
Yochums Landscapoing 20 – Lifestyle Physical Therapy 12
Yochums – Barrington Mercado 2 TDS. Boston Douglas 1 TD, Tommy Yochum 1 extra point and Thor Douglas 1 extra point.
Lifestyle – Crew Randklev for a TD and Devin Jaramillo 1 TD
Intechtel – Emily, Peyto, and Evellyn 1 goal each.
Cannon Hill Industries – Emily Shotropa 3 goals, Natalie Gittel 2 goals, and Luci Muir 1 goal.
A.C.I. – Hayden Hays 5 goals, Paisley Donnolo 2 goals, Aurora Cook and Avery Shaw 1 goal each.
Cannon Hill Industries – Peri Doalson 3 goals, Natalie Gittel 2 goals, Finley Scott and Avery Kartchner 1 goal.
Nadines Kitchen – Cora Gonzales and Rylan Parks 1 goal each.
Idaho Forest Group – Rosalie Joy 1 goal.
A.C.I. – Hayden Hays 3 goals and Preslee Ward 1 goal.
Papa Murphys – Scarlette Mysse, Hannah Noble, Finley Taylor 1 goal each.
Precision Excavating – Hailey Gittel 3 goals, Jaidyn Kroeker 2 goals and Lilliana Shoemaker 1 goal.
Pilgrims Market – Andrew Baker 2 goals.
CDA News – Couredge Solmonson 2 goals, Brennan Loewe and Clark Pulispher 1 goal each.
Medicine Man – Liam Wilson, John Meuth, Sawyer Baker, and Collin Kreider 1 goal each.
Lake City Auto Care – Brody Messer 1 goal.
Priebe Chiropractic – Grayson Priebe 4 goals and Daniel Kenny 1 goal.
A.C.I. – Jaxon Spalding, Beckham Mason, and Lucas Gonzales 1 goal each.
Carpet Warehouse – Timmy Shotropa and Jack Green 1 goal each.
Cannon Hill Industries – Ben Clubb 5 goals. Noah Miller and Nolan Anderson 1 goal each.
Cd’A Press – Emanuel Vlad 3 goals and Ahmi Richmond 1 goal.
C.A.R.S. -Jacob Moon 1 goal.
Idaho Forest Group – Flavius Kitsak 4 goals and Max Shaw 2 goals.
Young Construction – Austin Fanning and Mason Harster 1 goal each.
Reliable Towing – Ethan McGovern and Rhaynee Shaw 2 goals each.
Alert Automotive – Nathan Shotropa 2 goals, Matthew Green and Soa Kimstayton 1 goal each.
Supercut Manufacturing – Peyton Bennett 1 goal.
Reliable Towing – Ethan McGovern and Malia Kuehu 1 goal each.
SuperCut Manufacturing – Lillee Ward 1 goal.
Alert Automotive – Matthew Green 4 goals, Nathan Shotropa and Nolan Shaw 2 goals each.
Henbest Hideaway – Lyric Young 4 goals, Aislin Zasadny, Colton O’Connor, and James Eberhart 1 goal each.
Andrea Jensen Photography – Grayson Heutink 1 goal.
Thorco – Braeden Wagner 3 goals and Asher Barajas 1 goal.
Ironman Foundation – Tanner Zastrow and Redick Lair 2 goals, Kenna Karlinsey, Beckham Hayes, and Killian Schreiber 1 goal each.
Cannon Hill Industries – Kaiden Brown, John Carrington, and Leo Pilyayev 1 goal each.
Northwest Sweeping – Caleb Vlad 3 goals.
Cannon Hill Industries k- Leo Pilyayev and Emma Chapleski 2 goals each, John Carrington and Kaiden Brown 1 goal each.
Andrea Jensen Photography – Grayson Heutink and Parker Parisot 1 goal each
Cannon Hill Industries – Wyatt Knott 1 goal each.
Ironman Foundation – Tanner Zastrow 4 goals, Darius Kitsak and Redick Lair 1 goal each.
Cd’A Foot & Ankle – Johnny Shotropa 3 goals.
Thorco – Braeden Wagner 4 goals, Asher Barajas, Aaron Johnson , and Carter Loewe 2 goals each.
Sunset Bowling Center
Week 4
High Scratch Game Boys: Aiden Testa – 86; Cayde Herberly – 80; Jack Goss – 55
High Scratch Game Girls: Lylah Baheza – 43
High Scratch Game Boys: Luke Carr – 78; Chevy Testa – 67; Maison Shands – 55
High Scratch Game Girls: Daylynn Quinn – 63; Tori Graff – 54; Stasi Jepson – 39
High Scratch Game Boys: Hunter McComb – 127; Nathan Cohen – 119; Finley Minor – 96
High Scratch Game Girls: Chloe McCliggott – 148; Addison Herberly – 117; Samantha Glenwinkel – 86
High Scratch Game Boys: Carter Hilliard – 223; Nathan Beardsall – 220; Josh Loper – 210
High Scratch Game Girls: Rosy Gallegos – 158; Shannon Glenwinkel – 136; Drew Hammond – 111
Other 200 + Games: Nathan Beardsall – 209
600+ Series: Nathan Beardsall – 600
River City Lanes
Oct. 8
HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Colin Borgaro 234, Alex Walker 225.
HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Colin Borgaro 621, Jayson Austin 565.
HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Katie Dewey 191, 182.
HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Katie Dewey 548, Allie Rider 510.
HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Kenton Still 182, 162.
HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Kenton Still 483, Cedar Johnson 333.
HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Rylee Kaup 172, Deryn Allen 147.
HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Rylee Kaup 442, Deryn Allen 420.
HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Caiden Pearce 69, Ben Mueller 66.
HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Caiden Pearce 134, Lokua Burrow 105.
HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Sammi Jackson 90, Kalista Hewitt 76.
HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Sammi Jackson 145, Kalista Hewitt 121.
Flag football
Oct. 8
1st & 2nd Grade Division
7 Day Dental Smiles: Deegan Giovanardi 1 touchdown 1 reception & 3 deflags, Ryker Hold 1
reception & 2 deflags, Declan Hughes 1 2-pt PAT, Easton Karlgaard 1 touchdown 1 2-pt PAT 2
receptions & 1 deflag, Aidan Miracle 1 deflag
Lake City Accounts:  Christopher McClafferty 12 deflags, Parker Nelson 3 touchdowns & 3
deflags, Rowdy Ramsey 2 deflags
Post Falls Auto Auction: Ayden Schertz 1 touchdown & 2 deflags, Parker Stolebarger 1
interception, Beau Zinn 1 touchdown & 4 deflags
U-Haul: Bronson De Oro 1 touchdown 1 interception & 2 deflags, Gauge Francis 2 touchdowns
& 5 deflags
7 Day Dental Smiles – 14, U-Haul – 18
Lake City Accounts – 18, Post Falls Auto Auction – 12
3rd & 4th Grade Division
Jordan Sales & Service: Zane Allen 5 deflags, Jackson Babcock 1 deflag, Konor Brendmoen 1
deflag, Cameron Carver 2 touchdowns, Aiden Conrath 1 interception & 1 deflag, Ethan Hart 3
deflags, Kallen Hills 1 touchdown & 2 deflags, Hunter Stan 2 deflags, Jonas Valadez 1
Platos Closet: Owen Peterson 1 reception & 1 deflag, Logan Simpson 1 interception & 1 deflag
Woodland Family Dental: Blake Cahill 1 touchdown 2 receptions & 1 deflag, Jase Carver 1
deflag, Easton Hornberger 1 deflag, Cooper Lung 3 deflags, Jesse Martin 3 deflags, Kai Ronan 4
deflags, Shane Schroeder 1 reception & 3 deflags, Rayder Spencer 1 reception
Young Construction Group of Idaho: Tyzaiah Blodgett 2 touchdowns 1-2pt. PAT 2 receptions &
1 deflag, Milo Cagner 2 deflags, Wyatt Cagner 1 reception, Logan Crockett 1 deflag, Brantley
Dolan 3 deflags, Nixon Neer 1 touchdown & 2 deflags, Grayson Rose 1 touchdown & 6 deflags,
Logan Strasser 4 deflags,
Plato’s Closet – 0, Jordan Sales & Service – 24
Young Construction Group of Idaho Inc. – 26, Woodland Family Dental – 6
5th & 6th Grade Division
Fairway Floors: Roman Anderson 2 touchdowns 3 receptions & 3 deflags, Gunner Brown 1 2-pt
PAT 2 receptions & 3 deflags, Brennan Burton 5 receptions & 3 deflags, Baylor Gibbs 2
touchdowns 1 reception & 1 deflag, Sylas Saris 1 deflag,
Mountain America Credit Union: Bye Week
Peach Orthodontics: Wyatt Brendmoen 2 receptions & 6 deflags, Brayden Hixson 1
interceptions & 6 deflags, Kelton Jenkins 2 deflags, Gavin Kenner 1 touchdown & 2 deflags,
Carter Murphy 1 deflag
Fairway Floors – 26, Peach Orthodontics – 6
Oct. 8

8 Opponent
1 Animal Blood Bank of The Inland Northwest – James Breyer 1
0 The Love Factor
4 H & I Woodcraft – Marcus Kuplack 4
3 Opponent –
0 Tekton Construction
4 U-Haul – Maya Anson 1, Anastasia Czapla 1, Abram Morgan 2
6 Fox Trailers – Deklan Adams 2, Tucker Besser 1, Stephen Gonzales 3
12 Stateline Speedway – Isabel Heath 1, Jason Kuplack 2, Nathan Reiter 4, Henry Thurston 5 4 Peach Orthodontics – Lance Breyer 2, Max Glinski 1, Marshall Smith 1

3 Post Falls Brewing – Eli Martin 2, Josiah Rice 1
1 Specialty Forrest Products – Asher Taylor 1
2 James, Vernon & Weeks, P.A. – Evin McDowell 1, Kellin Raskell 1
0 The English Inspector –
5 Post Falls Taco Bell – Kinley Clifton 1, Ryder Graf 2, Makenna Hansen 1, Jennifer Kuplack 1 0 Woodland Family Dental –
3 Pacific Golf and Turf – Lincoln Whitmire 1, Zander Whitmire 2
2 Saturday Night Inc. – Kyson Davis 1, Raymond Garcia 1
0 Blue Dog RV –
2 All Terrain Lawncare – Jack Gamble 1, Nolan Thurman 1
Mini 6s
2 Brumbach Dentistry – Hudson Helbling 2
3 River City Dentistry – Theodore Allred 3
12 Silver Lake Mall – Peyton Schock 11, Braiden Beck 1
0 James, Vernon & Weeks, P.A. –
0 All Terrain Lawncare –
10 Stateline Speedway – Landyn Alexander 1, Cian Andrus 2, Anabel Eifler 1, Maniti Julian Faamau 1, Reed Marine 5
4 Dairy Queen Post Falls – Jameson Biddle 1, Maddie Hazelton 2, Lincoln Triebwasser 1 3 Young Construction Group of Idaho – Kristopher Dabel 1, Emma Kinservik 1, Noah Williams 1
Micro 5s
1 Century Publishing – Emerson Mueller
5 Young construction Group of Idaho – Bohdi Christopherson 1, Logan Martin 1, Brody McDowell 1, Owen Schafer 2
0 Emergency Pet Care –
1 Bloom Coaching – Deklan Hansen 1
15 Idaho Fence Co. – Wyatt Besser 4, Emma Jensen 1, Swayer Kiser 5, Oliver Obergh 1, Kevin Sahm 4 1 Silver Lake Mall – Audrey Abernathy 1
1 River City Dentistry – Wyatt Besser 1, Sawyer Kiser 2, Oliver Obergh 2
6 North Idaho Insurance Agency – Maximus Stover 4, Logan Dunne 1, Anaya Arroya 1
U4 Soccer (3 & 4 yr. old)
TDS Fiber and Champion Concrete
Ridge South (3), Lexi Freije (4)
Top Coat Nail Studio and Ace Hardware
Kinley Gillespie (2), Aedan Russell (3); June Sapp (1)
Welling Landscaping and LaRiviere INC
Hudson Little (1), Liza Ash (1), Jesiah Kinney (1); Channing Biggs (3), Maverick Van Driel (1), Emmy Fergel (1)
Scotty’s Backflow and Encounter Church
Felicity Henningsgaard (3), Bria Scott (5), Camryn Reimche (1); Lincoln Bazzar (3)
Interstate Concrete and Les Schwab Tire
Everleigh Paxton (1), Wesley Shields (1); Beau Besser (1), Blake Hogan (1), Elli Howell (1), Scotlyn (9)
U6 Soccer (5 & 6yr. old)
Custom Cutting & Landscaping and Mihara Law
Esther Mihara (1)
LaRiviere, INC and Freije Homes
Wyatt Drake (1), Kohen Schumacher (1)
Reliable Towing and Broker Sinclair Team
Abel Sapp (1); Eve Seaman (2), Wilson Sinclair (2)
KJ Watersports and LaRiviere, INC
Oliver Lundy (1), Addison Prather (2); Brantley Saeger (1)
Wildgrain Woodworking and Broker Sinclair Team
William Krull (4), Tanner Mcleod (1)
Mihara Law and Edward Jones
Bexlyn Stutheit (1), Esther Mihara (1), Kolt Warren (1); Easton Schelin (2)
Reliable Towing and Freije Homes
Abel Sapp (1); Alaijah Green (3), Wyatt Drake (1), Weston Kramer (2)
U8 (7 & 8 yr. old)
Rathdrum Lions Club and CW Construction
Britney Wright (1); Porter Oswell (1), Camdyn Gelz (1)
Ferguson Flatwork INC and Mihara Law
Kellen Gillespie (1); Cora Mihara (1), Declan Patrick (1)
NW Spec,ialty Hospital and CW Construction
Parker Lopes (1), Carter Woodcock (2); Porter Oswell (1), Addi Wilhelm (1)
U10 (9 & 10 yr. old)
NW Specialty Hospital and Mihara Law
Skye Lethrud (1); Ella Weaver (1), Joshua Thulon (1), Tucker Sheraton (3), Rylee Kirchner (1), Christopher Thompson (1)
Seright’s Ace Hardware and Lake City Auto Care
Emrey Chadwell (1), Bronson Gabiou (3), Andrew Sullivan (4); Kai Cardoza (1)
Lakeland Eye Clinic and Les Schwab
Owen Hunt (2), Alexia Ferguson (1), Max Vogan (1)
U12 (11 & 12 yr. old)
Nass Law and H&M Photography
Alexa Etheridge (1), Aiden Hunt (2); Addison Karoblis (1), Saydie Green (1)
ZS Enterprises, LLC and H&M Photography
Thorns North FC 11 Girls: The Thorns continued their winning streak last weekend. They defeated the Spokane Sounders G2011 North 5-1 with goals from Brightyn Gatten and Olivia Nusser. The Thorns followed with a 4-2 win against the Sandpoint Strikers FC 2011G. Presley Moreau scored two goals for the Thorns, including a penalty kick. The other two goals came from Olivia Hynes and Payton Brennan.
Timbers North FC 2013 Boys yellow: The Timbers beat the Spokane Sounders SJP B13 South Maciel 4-3, and beat the WESC B13 Prim team 5-3.
Oct. 8
Mini-Kickers (3-4 Years Old)
Daum Construction: Cooper Swanson 2-goals
Embrace Realty Group/KW CDA: Captain Icardo 7-goals; Sydney lutes 3-goals
Fred’s Plumbing: Lincoln Eades 2-goals
Hippo Car Wash: No Stats Available
Hustoft’s Designer Homes: Kenneth Evans 5-goals; Charlotte Thompson 1-goal
Kore Power: Emma Davidson 2-goals; Eli Irwin 2-goals
Little Smiles Pediatric Detistry: Grey Gallia 4-goal; Maverick Jett 1-goal
RMM Consulting: McKenna Mulligan 3-goals
Robinson Financial Services: Analeigha Conner 1-goal; Stella Richards 2-goals; Lincoln Tapia 1-goal
Selkirk Sport: Ruby Clark 1-goal; Sawyer Hodgson 2-goals
Tactical Detail: Luca Clark 2-goals; Ansley Baker 1-goal
The Lounge: Charis Cale 1-goals; Everett MacLeod 2-goals
Tim Buk Tu Appraisals: Arcturus Byrum 7-goals; Benjamin Tackett 1-goal
White Pine Wealth: No Stats Available
Ziply Fiber Blue: Jovie Bitnoff 1-goal; Oliver Wright 5-goals
Ziply Fiber White: No Stats Available
Micro-Kickers (5-6 Years Old)
Dougherty & Associates CPA’S: Ryker Bertek 3-goals; Bowen Flamm 4-goals; Piper Jett 1-goal
Hayden Cars: Woody Doty 1-goal; Brynn Irwin 1-goal; Mya Owen 1-goal
Hubof’s Landscaping: Carter Botenhagen 2-goals; Levi Lawrence 1-goal; Michael Brown 2-goal
Inland Fastener Inc.: No Stats Available
Inline Tax: No Stats Available
Kore Power: Amber Tackett 1-goal
Lakeside Pediatrics: No Stats Available
Master’s Fence & Custom Iron Works: Estes Hartley 5-goals; Finley Mandel 1-goal; Henry Mandel 1-goal
MW Surveying: Blake Jennings 1-goal; Nathan Jennings 1-goal
RMM Consulting: Owen Briggs 3-goals; Mia Mulligan 6-goals; Jackson Trail 1-goal
Selkirk Sport: Peter Amador 3-goals; Athanasius Berry 1-goal; Niko Clark 2-goals
Smith & Malek: Reese Burrill 1-goal; Ryder Kinsey 2-goals; William Higgins 1-goal; Zander Menzies 1-goal
The Lounge: Cameron Nelson 5-goals; Emrys Geddes 4-goals; Sonny Ramirez 1-goal
Ziply Fiber Blue: No Stats Available
Ziply Fiber Green: No Stats Available
Ziply Fiber White: No Stats Available
8U Coed
Hayden Vision Source: Wyatt Dowell 3-goals; Emberlyn Shaw 1-goal; Archer Underdahl 1-goal
Kinderboost: No Stats Available
Looyenga Photography: Alexander Boggess 1-goal
Northwest Pediatrics: No Stats Available
Northwest Outfitters: Jack Beard 3-goals
Real Alloy: Jaxon Burkholder 2-goals; Brooks Hamilton 1-goal; Sidney Hoss 1-goal; Parker Singer 3-goals
Saturday Night: Boss Gustafson 1-goal
Ziply Fiber: Valor Cale 1-goal; Husdon Weaver 1-goal
10U Coed
Fred’s Plumbling: No Stats Available
Kootenai Utilities Council: Levi Hawkins 3-goals; Alexa Jensen 1-goal; Abbygail Kuespert 1-goal

Lake City Auto Care: No Stats Available
RMM Consulting: Ryker Mulligan 1-goal; Banyan Sisson 2-goals; Elizabeth Wilson 2-goals
Ziply Fiber: Tinsley Anderson 3-goals; Flint Barton 2-goals; Wyatt Langdon 2-goals
12U Coed:
Kinderboost: Keeten Icardo 1-goal; Ethan MacPherson 2-goals; Nadya Wilson 1-goal
Meine Insurance: Benjamin Magoffin 3-goals; Jacob Poncato 1-goal
Sharp Auto Detailing: Luke Edgehouse 6-goals; Danika Thompson 1-goal; Sebastian Guitron 1-goal; Owen Harrison 2-goals
Ziply Fiber: Kolton Rants 1-goal
Flag football
Oct. 8
Cooper Creek Construciton: Ryker Arrand 1-Tackle; Cameron Howard 1-TD, 7-Tackles; Bridger James 2-TD, 5-Tackles; Archer Jasper 1-Reception, 3-Tackles, 1-sack; Jaxon Simkins 1-Tackle
Dickinson Insurance: NO STATS AVAILABLE
Lake City Auto Care: Jaxson Brouse 1-Tackle; Benjamin Custodio 1-Tackle; Roman Frisbie 1-Tackle; Greyson Guy 1-TD, 1-Tackle; Brodie Kropko 1-Tackle; Emmett Pederson 1-Tackle; Gregory Prickett 2-TD, 3-Tackles
Dickinson Insurance: Caden Bennett 1-Tackle; Cannon Groven 1-Reception; Trent Gustin 4-Tackles; Brycen Lenz 1-Reception; Danny Mokena 1-Tackle; Jadon Peterson 2-Tackles; Dominic Simien 1-Tackle; Emmett Starkey 2-Receptions; Levi Tebbe 1-TD, 3-Tackles
Elite Physical Therapy: Carson Busch 1-TD, 5-Tackles; Waylon Gardner 1-Tackle; Braxton Habeck 1-Tackle; Isaac Mendoza 1-1pt.PAT, 2-Tackles, 1-Sacks; Hudson Weaver 3-Tackles
NW Land & Lifestyle Properties: Dominic Abell 1-Tackle; Easton Bateman 1-TD, 4-Tackles; Emery McKee 1-Reception, 3-Tackles; Brayden Rhodes 1-TD, 1-1pt. PAT, 6-Tackles, 1-Sack; Lucas Rhodes 1-Tackle; Cooper Stotz 2-TD, 2-Tackles, 1-Sack
Wake Media: Zane Armstrong 1-Tackles; Blake Benson 4-Tackles; Porter Brinkley 1-TD, 1-Tackle; Fenix Field 1-TD, 4-Tackles; Mason Higbee 1-Tackle; Garrett Sampsel 1-TD, 1-1pt PAT, 2-Tackles; Bryce Vogel 2-Tackles; Mack Webb 1-TD
Ziply Fiber Blue: Wilder George 1-Reception; Wyatt James 6-Tackles, 2-Sacks; Kamden Korthals 3-TD, 1-2pt PAT, 3-Receptions, 1-Tackle; Bodee Olmsted 1-Interception, 3-Tackles; Benji Whitcomb 3-Tackles, 3-Sacks; Jamie Whitcomb 1-Tackle
Ziply Fiber White: Levi Clark 1-Tackle; Vance Corbeil 1-Tackle; Cora Jasper 1-Tackle; Brody McCollor 3-Tackles; Brandon Williams 4-Tackles
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Courtesy photo Rosy Gallegos of the Sunset Bowling Lanes youth league was awarded the high average girl for the U10 division for last season for the state of Idaho. Her average was 122.
Photo by BUSCEMA PHOTOGRAPHY Tucker Booth (8) of the Coeur d’Alene High junior varsity football team catches a touchdown pass in the Vikings’ 44-0 win last Thursday at the Lake City JV. The Coeur d’Alene JV plays host to the Post Falls JV on Thursday at 6 p.m.
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